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Saint Nicolas day

Saint Nicolas day
Thu, 19. December 2019
Religious feasts


St. Nicolas is the patron saint of Beit Jala, and as a result Saint Nicolas Church is one of the most important in the city. It is a Greek Orthodox Church built over the cave in which St. Nicolas is believed to have lived in during the early 4th century. The cave currently houses an icon of St. Nicolas and an eternal flame that remains lit in honor of him.


In 1925, a church was built on top of St. Nicolas cave and remaining byzantine ruins by local citizens and finished in 1925, creating a touristic hub which attracts pilgrims and tourists at both national and international levels.

Each year on 19th of December, Thousands of people come to the Beit Jala St. Nicolas Festival, honoring the town's patron saint. Street parades, fun fairs, performances, and religious processions are all part of this celebration.


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