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The best way for travelers to get around in Beit Jala and Bethlehem is to take a taxi; its hard to spend more than a minute on a street corner and not have one pass you. Taxis in Palestine, however, do not have meters, so those wishing to travel by taxi must negotiate a price with the driver. Generally, one can get to anywhere in the Bethlehem area for 25 shekels or less and anywhere within Beit Jala for less than 15.

If traveling to another city (i.e. Hebron, Rammalah, Jenin, etc.) its best to take a service, which is large van that can fit 7-8 people. Services leave from the Bethlehem Bus Depot to nearly all major destinations in the West Bank. Services usually do not leave until they have filled all of their seats, so be prepared for a short wait.

If traveling to Jerusalem, bus 21 leaves from Bab Zqaq Intersection and goes the Damascus Gate bus station in Jerusalem. Tickets cost 7 shekels. It's also possible to take a bus from the checkpoint (300) to Jerusalem (tickets cost 5 shekels) or a 45 shekels taxi ride to the old city.



Al Ithad Taxi Station
Telephone: 02-2743140

Beit Jala Taxi
Telephone: 02-2744771

Al-Jadawel Taxi
Telephone: 02-2760456


Ben Gurion Airport
Telephone: 03-9723344


Border Crossings
Allenby Bridge: 02-5482600
Sheikh Hussein: 04-6093410
Nitzana: 08-6564666, 08-6555867
Karni: 08-6748444

Beit Jala Map