About Hosh Mar Jeries

About Hosh Mar Jeries

Code No.: BET CH040 10/001

In cooperation with Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation (CCHP), with funding from Italian Government through the Palestinian Municipality Support Programme (PMSP), Beit Jala Municipality is currently working on the rehabilitation of Hosh Mar Jeries (St. George Complex) for Al-Hara Theater Arts Training Centre. The project is going to be implemented on a phase of 18 months and will cost an approx of 433,884.00 euros of which Beit Jala municipality contributes with 20.90% (total of 87,005.00 euros), the Italian cooperation contribution reaches 60.01% (total of 260,379.00 euros), while Puglia Region provides the rest of the budget.

After the implementation phase, the rehabilitated area is going to be used by AL-Hara Theatre as arts training centre for 10 years and is going to be returned to its owners afterwards. The Hosh is consisted of three floors that contain two training halls, four offices, and bedrooms for the volunteers.

Expected Outcome:

The location is the first Arts training centre in the city of Beit Jala. It is going to contain a significance number of rooms in which all activities can be assured to be done as requested from the partners Al-Hara Theatre. The centre will cover the lack of the existence of similar training centers in Bethlehem area in order to both develop and promote the importance of this particular genre of art in building a cultured society.

The Project's Significance:

The project is considered highly significant one due to the value of the area that is going to be rehabilitated which is summed up in:

• Being one of the oldest quarters the City of Beit Jala.
• The area's historical importance as it is thought to be the Place of the first church in Beit Jala.
• Promoting and enhancing the values of cultural heritage preservation and its importance among local community.
• Being the first of its kind in Bethlehem district
• Its role in developing theatre sector in Bethlehem district


The main objective of this project is improving living standards of Palestinians through the advancement of social and economic conditions in Bethlehem area through:

1- Preserving Palestinian cultural heritage as a development tool.
2- Building capacities, mainly in the field of cultural heritage preservation.
3- Developing theatre sector in Bethlehem area

Desired Results:

The rehabilitation of Hosh Mar Jeries project is expected to achieve the following results:

• Rehabilitating and Preserving the historic quarter of Hosh Mar Jeries and re-use it adaptively as arts training centre.
• Raise the public awareness towards the importance of Cultural Heritage and preserving its resources as a part of the Palestinian Identity.
• Developing cultural heritage preservation capacities for the municipality staff as well as for CCHP staff.
• Strengthening the skills of labourers and local contractors in the field of conservation.
• Increase attraction for tourists to visit and stay over night in Historic Town of Bethlehem.
• Creating permanent and temporary job opportunities.

Activities associated with the project:

• Training courses on cultural heritage preservation for staff and contractors who are working on the project.
• Awareness programmes and outreach activities targeting all sectors of local community.
• Proper rehabilitation and furnishing which allows the buildings to be used as an arts training centre.
• Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation process