Al-Hara Theatre

Al-Hara Theatre


Al-HARAH Theatre aims to produce theatre that is well crafted yet moving, challenging yet accessible and, essentially, honest. We believe that theatre that has the potential to change the lives of those who make it and those who watch it. Our mission is to promote a high dramatic standard whilst remaining accessible, and through both our performances and our educational work we hope to bring compelling stories, in one of the last uncensored spaces, to audiences throughout Palestine, the Arab world and beyond.



Through producing and promoting theatre arts in Palestine, we are assisting in building and maintaining a civil society that emphasizes human rights, democracy and pluralism.


1. To develop the local, Palestinian and Arab theatre movement.
2. To organize and conduct theatre workshops and training programs.
3. To develop playwriting and scripting of creative texts in Palestine. To encourage and facilitate the incorporation of theatre education into Palestinian curricula.
4. To build a network with other theatre groups in Palestine, the Middle east and internationally.
5. To reach audiences on local, regional, and global levels, by producing performances for all age groups and social backgrounds
6. To create and maintain a motivational system for Al-Harah Team, which will also attract new members.