Religious Sites

Religious Sites



Catholic Church of the Annunciation (Al- Bishara Church)

Father Ibrahim Shomali

Located at the eastern side of Beit Jala at a place called Iraq Al Jazz. The church was built in 1958 after obtaining a decree from the Turkish Government.

Greek Orthodox

Saint Nicolas Church for the Greek Orthodox

Father Nicola Siman
Father George Shahwan
Father Paul Alaam
Father Yussif Hodali

St Nicolas is the patron saint of Beit Jala, and as a result Saint Nicolas Church is one of the most important in the city. Underneath the church is a cave in which St. Nicolas is believed to have lived in during the 5th century AD in order to worship close to the site of Jesus’ birth. The cave currently houses an icon of St. Nicolas and an eternal flame that remains lit in honor of him. An ancient monastery was built on the site as early as 200 AD, and was destroyed and rebuilt many times. The last monastery was built during the Ottoman period by Karj monks from Russia. In 1921 the old church building was torn down and the current building erected by the local populace, finished in 1925. The church shows off much of the work of Beit Jala’s famous stone masons, including a magnificent Iconostas, considered a masterpiece of stone iconography.

Virgin Mary’s Church for the Greek Orthodox

St. Mary’s church is the largest in Beit Jala with a capacity of up to 1000 people. Built in 1862, the church still houses the original Iconostas and many other Icons. The church also houses a stone on which St Mary supposedly slept while fleeing to Egypt to avoid Herod’s persecutions.

Saint Michel’s Church for the Greek Orthodox

Founded 1935 and it was an old building that included a chapel and two rooms to its western and northern sides from which were the entrances to its garden.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation

Pastor Jadallah Shihadeh
Telephone: 2742613
Fax: 2744966
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Established in 1894, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation has operated a home for orphaned or unwanted boys since 1945, with just under 50 living there during the school year. The church has also recently built a guest house for visitors.


Beit Jala Mosque

Sheikh Abdel Fattah Khalid

Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal Mosque

Sheikh Karim Naser Quwar


The Latin Seminary

Telephone: 2742612
Fax: 2742885
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First opened in Jerusalem in 1852, the Latin Patriarch Seminary has moved back and forth between Jerusalem and Beit Jala several times before permanently establishing itself in Beit Jala in 1936. The nine year program of study includes an introductory year of spirituality, a year abroad in France, two years of philosophy, and four years of theology, with a final year of pastoral experience in the parishes before the deaconate. In it's over 150 years of existence the Seminary has produced 267 ordained priests, 11 bishops, and two patriarchs.


The Cremisan Monastery and Convent is a monastery run by the order of the Salesians of Don Bosco which was built in 1885 over the ruins of a 7th century Byzantine monastery. The monastery also houses a winery, Cremisan Cellars, which uses local Palestinian grapes.

Salesians Convent – Cremisan

Rector: Father Franko
Address: P.O. Box 10457, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-2742605/2744827 Fax: 02-2750588
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Cremisan Convent for Nuns

Head: Sister Adriana
Telephone: 02-2742542