Difficulties & Constraints

Difficulties & Constraints

One of the major difficulties Beit Jala Municipality as well as all Palestinian Municipalities face in implementing their projects is the restraints forced by the Israeli occupation, examples to this is in the following projects:

Solid waste and sanitation:

The Municipalities of Bethlehem district are facing a major problem in finding a place for refusing solid waste due to a lack of open and suitable areas within the limited boundaries of these Municipalities. The only suitable open areas that are far enough from the population are located in what is known as area “C”: land that is under the control of the Israeli Authorities. Its worth mentioning that the Joint Service Council “JSC” is still hoping to solve this problem and find a suitable place to implement the solid waste and sanitation project.

Construction of a slaughter house:

The Municipalities of Bethlehem district are also in need of constructing a slaughter house for the use of the Bethlehem district, unfortunately, due to lack of land suitable for this project that will secure a healthy environment for the public it’s been difficult to implement this project. As mentioned earlier the only lands suitable for implementing such project are within area “C”.