History & Location

History & Location

Hosh definition:

The Hosh is a basic urban complex that has emerged because of many social, economic, and environmental factors. The Hosh is a cluster of single unit or rooms grouped around one or more courtyard and occupied by an extended family, which gives it its name. The volume and construction of these structures, consistent and rather basic, are defined by the repetition of five cubic meter modules around a central space (the courtyard). This courtyard functioned as a space for household activities such as cooking, washing and preserving food.

The Historic Town Of Beit Jala:

The historic town of Beit Jala is located at the center of the current town. Its is consisted of the old quarters of the city, Beit Jala's families divans and old buildings that can be traced back to the early Ottoman period. It also contains traditional neighborhoods in the city such as "Al-Manshye" neighborhood (Al-Sooq, Al Saraya) as well as Harat Al-Deer and Harat Al-Kanees where St. George's Complex lies.

Hosh Mar Jeries:

Hosh Mar Jeries is a block of buildings that assumed to be constructed above the original place of Deer Mar Jeries (St George's Convent) which is considered by many as the "supposed to be" the oldest church in the city of Beit Jala were St. Nicolas is thought to be lived there in early Christianity times. The buildings in the area that is going to be rehabilitated could be traced back to the period between 16-19th century according to the information gathered from the people living in that area. In the 19th century, St Nicolas church was built near it taking advantage of the area's religious significance.

Hosh Mar Jeries Location:

Hosh Mar Jeries, lies within the historic town of Beit Jala. Mar Jeries is located in within Harat Al-Kanees, and adjacent to Harat Al-Deer. St. Nicolas church to the North borders it. It was named Haret Al-Kanees (Kaneesa is Arabic for church) according to St. Nicolas Church.