Italian Cooperation

Italian Cooperation

With a commitment of around 220 million Euros over the last 10 years, the Italian Cooperation stands out as a leading donor in the Palestinian Territories.

The Italian Cooperation has fully honoured the commitments that the Italian government made in December 2007 at the Donors’ conference of Paris, through aid for 80 million Euros in three years’ time. The Directorate-General of the Italian Development Cooperation granted 100 million Euros to strengthen Palestinian institutions and to improve the living conditions of the Palestinian population from 2008 to 2011.

Approximately one third of this amount was allocated to support the PNA, as per the needs repeatedly expressed by Prime Minister Fayyad to ensure predictable flows of aid to the PNA itself.

In the period 2008-2011, the Italian Cooperation financed the Palestinian territories to the tune of 25 million Euros, set aside for the Emergency channel focusing the initiatives on East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip.

The initiatives of the Italian Cooperation are based on the Fayyad’s governmental programmes and reflect the priorities identified by the Guidelines of the Italian Cooperation for 2011-2013. They respond to the needs of PNA as expressed in the National Development Plan of Fayyad Government: development of the private sector, good governance and strengthening of the welfare system.

Along with the grant component, there is the promotion of credit lines already in progress: namely the credit line for the Palestinian small-medium enterprises by 25 million Euros and the program for the rehabilitation of the electrical grid in the West Bank for 33 million Euros. Under negotiation with the Palestinian Authority, a new credit line of 30 milion Euros for the agro-industrial sector.