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Latest News

A cooperation agreement has been signed between the Municipality of Beit Jala and iFocus to create “Beit Jala 360” project using the virtual reality technology, which allows viewers from all over the world to tour virtually in the city and learn more about its most important landmarks. The team began photographing the religious, touristic and archaeological sites in addition to the main streets of Beit Jala using this modern technology to promote the city as an important touristic attraction in Palestine.




A reception at the Armenian convent was held on Monday 24-12-2018 with the participation of the municipal council members and the local institutions in the city.



The Mayor of Beit Jala Mr. Nicola Khamis welcomed His Beatitude Father Pierre Patista Pizzaballa on Monday 24-12-2018  with the participation of the the municipal council members and the city's dignitaries and the heads of Beit jala institutions.



The signature of the memorandum of cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora and the three municipalities; Beit Jala, Bethlehem and Beit Sahour took place on 12-12-2018 in the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs in Ramallah to arrange Bethlehem Diaspora convention 2019.



Beit Jala municipality organized an olive picking activity in various agricultural places in Beit Jala city for Bergisch Gladbach delegation from Germany on Saturday 20-10-2018 in order to practice their first experience in olive picking. They were very excited and happy, as they thanked Beit Jala Municipality for their efforts in organizing this event.

Beit Jala Map