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Health Institutions

Medical services in Beit Jala are fairly advanced. Hospital services are provided by the governmental run Beit Jala Hospital, containing 113 beds, as well as the privately run Specialized Surgery Hospital of the Arab Society for Rehabilitation, which contains 77 beds in addition to Al- Dibs Maternity Hospital for childbirth which contains 10 beds. Primary health care such as detection and basic treatment is provided for the citizens of Beit Jala and the surrounding villages by the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian Authority through the Directorate of Health in Bethlehem.

In addition, there are many non-governmental charities, medical institutions and private health clinics which managed to claim multiple functions in the area of welfare and social development. Among these institutions are The Rehabilitation Centre of the Arab Society, The Jemima Foundation for mentally disabled children, and the Life Gate Rehabilitation Foundation which work for the rehabilitation of disabled persons and provide them with certain skills to facilitate their integration in the community. In addition to Asdiqa' Al- Mareed Soceity - Beit an Nour clinics, also the Civil Society for the Visually Impaired- Ash Shurouq School for the blind.

Not to forget to mention the Beit Jala medical center which includes several clinics in various specialists including a maternity and child center known as "Omomeh and Tofoleh Center". . Moreover, Beit Jala City has many laboratories and x-rays centers and dental clinics and pharmacies in the city. All of these institutions serve not only the city of Beit Jala, but also the neighboring cities and villages in the governorate of Bethlehem and throughout Palestine.

Beit Jala Map