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Mr. Issa Al-Qassis

To those who carried in their eyelids the hymns of the ancient streets, those standing in the darkness despite the light of the sun, the dreamers of tomorrow, with light, candles, and freedom, I would like to say to all of you that the fire will be extinguished, the smoke will fly, and hope will remain.

I would like to say to the worker, from the sweat of your brow, the buds shone and spread virtues in my homeland despite the restraints. The chains were broken and we were armed with the culture of awareness and science, and we became valiant knights in thought, word and deed.

I would like to advise my beloved ones not to deviate from the compass of hope - do not say that we are old or tired, for the love of the earth that is loved by the sky, as it is the cycle of life in our planet; hardship and ease.

 It is very significant not to forget Beit Jala, the city of fathers and grandfathers, as I am not among those who abandon the homeland, the city of olives, thyme, grapes, figs, almonds, apricots, berries and green apples.

Let us all work together for the sake of preserving its cleanliness, covering it with green trees, and arming its people with science and culture.

Moreover, we have to develop its educational, health and media institutions.

Beit Jala, the hospitable country, welcomes its expatriate citizens in the Diaspora and urges them to communicate, visit and invest in the city to improve and raise the standard of living for its steadfast citizens.

Beit Jala Map